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pillar of heaven
8th-Nov-2009 07:35 pm - Second Semester Schedule
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
07:30 - 08:30 Ph 103   Ph 103   Ph 103
08:30 - 09:00          
09:00 - 09:30   MIS 151   MIS 151  
09:30 - 10:30 POS 100 POS 100 POS 100
10:30 - 11:30 Hi 166 Th 151 Hi 166 Th 151 Hi 166
11:30 - 12:00      
12:00 - 01:30          
01:30 - 03:00   ITM 189   ITM 189  
8th-Feb-2009 09:36 am - 25 Random Stuff
Reposted from my facebook. Kasi ngayon lang ako naglogin sa multiply ko...:))

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1. I love turtles.♥♥♥

2. I have a collection of jdramas. They're so many, I haven't even watched most of them.

3. I was once a jrock fan but because of Gokusen 2, I've shifted into jpop specifically JE like KAT-TUN, NewS, Kanjani8, Hey!Say!JUMP and others from the same company.

4. I'm usually at Trinoma playing either guitar freaks or drum mania.

5. I'm an only child. (Sadly! I want a younger brother or sister! So I can bully them...JOKE!)

6. I have inferiority complex. I'm not that comfortable with meeting new people when I'm alone, I don't know what to say or do! But I'm trying to break the habit!!!

7. I love traveling! I've experienced traveling alone on a plane as far as mainland America, it was the most boring trip ever! When you wake up from your sleep, there's still a long way to go! But at the same time the experience was fun.

8. I like to adjust my watches ten minutes ahead of time because I'm usually late.

9. I've been in a stage performance before at CCP. It was a rendition of Cinderella.

10. I'm a download addict. There's no day that I'm not downloading anything but I don't leave my computer on 24/7. I ask other people to suggest good movies if I don't have anything on my list any longer.

11. I don't like watching horror movies.

12. I'm into sports with rackets and stuff like badminton, tennis and even table tennis. I don't find basketball, volleyball and especially swimming as comforting.

13. I'm single since birth. (IS THIS EVEN NECESSARY INFORMATION?! :)) )

14. I tend to be pessimistic. The world can revolve happily and leave me worrying about my life.

15. I've changed the spelling of my name from Kae to Kai because people usually pronounce it as Kaye and well it was irritating. Not that it matters, some people still spell it Kae and I haven't exactly changed the spelling of my multiply id, just that the pronunciation mattered to me. HAHA!

16. I wore braces during high school and my earlier years in college. (NOW IT IS OVER!!! YAY)

17. I have a daschund named Inuki. He was born on March 21, 2005.

18. I have two turtles named Kame and Jin. I received them during my debut. Apparently, they're now together because I'm now taking care of turtle eggs and I'm expecting new turtles soon. (Thanks for the gift Chekay and Washu! :D)

19. I'm very hyper and talkative when I'm drunk but I don't think I've ever spilled any of my secrets or maybe because I haven't been exactly drunk to the point where I'm vomiting every now and then. But then again I do go to the toilet to pee, so maybe that's why I'm not exactly drunk? (I'm not making sense XD)

20. I got my driver's license when I was in first year college but I wasn't allowed to bring a car until I was in third year.

21. I've been confined twice but have never undergone any major operations. Unless you include operations for my braces as major ones.

22. I always wanted to be an engineer like my dad but ended up taking management information systems instead.

23. I like reading fantasy, supernatural and a bit romantic types of books. (Those alternate universe type of books with very intelligent main characters.)

24. I'm not a picky person when it comes to food, I just don't like spicy food and anything with ampalaya.

25. Lastly, my favorite colors are blue and black but I also love white and red. :D


Apparently abs-cbn bought rights to recreate Twilight just after the movie was released.

Well, at first I thought it was a joke...but honestly I'm disturbed and utterly horrified how this would turn out. Imagine how the line "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" would go like "At umibig ang leon sa tupa"?

OMFG! Epic Failz...I don't know what else to say...@_@

Credits go to Yani! Found out about this from her...also the picture :D

16th-Dec-2008 08:57 pm - Xmas Wishlist
Got my Starbucks planner today! Just sharing LOL :D

Yay! aki7 and me were chatting in ym then we suddenly blurted out our wish list for the year, extravagant and simple ones...:D Maybe you'd make them come true LOL...

1. Lamborghini Murcielago

1. Lamborghini Murcielago

2. Laptop bag
3. Twilight (paperback, i have the rest of the books except the first one! LOL)
4. cd case/wallet (whatever you call that one that's supposedly worth 100php only)

5. 13th book of the Series of Unfortunate Events
6. 4th book onwards of Charlie Bone (because they're so damn expensive!)
7. car sunlight cover or shade or whatever (because my old one doesn't fit the crv any longer :c)
8. the next books of Artemis Fowl after the Arctic incident
9. DS (i'm still dreaming of it, but i'm not that desperate just wishing :D)
10. high hills..JOKE...a pair of boots, brown or black, doesn't matter :D
11. death note nendoroid! (because L and Light are so damn cute...and i want misa too :D)
12. KAT-TUN QoP concert dvd (ordered it already! just waiting for it...)
13. a wireless mouse (LOL)
14. a trip to japan and concert tickets to a KAT-TUN or NewS Concert (that would really ROCK!)
15. ROCKBAND (yes, aki7 thank you for reminding me)

My music SO does not match my happy mood. XD

edit: from 10 to 15! XD
6th-Nov-2008 05:05 pm - JDrama Review: ガリレオ
Title: ガリレオ
Title in English: Galileo
Genre: Detective, mystery
Episodes: 10

Synopsis (from wiki.d-addicts.com):
In "Galileo," Fukuyama Masaharu plays a genius physicist and university associate professor, Yukawa Manabu, who solves difficult mysteries. Affectionately known as Tantei Galileo ("Detective Galileo"), Yukawa is brilliant, an all-round sportsman, tall and handsome but eccentric. Yukawa's partner is a rookie cop, Utsumi Kaoru (Shibasaki Kou), a hot-blooded woman with a strong sense of justice. -- jade_frost

Rating: B
My Comments:
Interesting. I actually had fun watching this drama. Yukawa-sensei is such a nerd but it is fun to watch him look for clues and suddenly grab any writing material in order to write in any space available. He's smart but he also needs a social life. The interaction between Yukawa-sensei and Utsumi is also comical. The cases are pretty interesting and the experiments seem realistic enough.

I recommend this drama! If you're a fan of crime scenes and such, this drama is similar albeit short. More like the drama Numbers. :D
6th-Nov-2008 12:17 am - Argh
oguri shun
I cannot believe what I found out today while I was driving home.

Argh...I'm too shocked to even process how that can even happen. So much for my good perceptions towards that person which I shall not even name.

I'm too disappointed! The same way I'm disappointed with my past "acquaintance" actions.

Is this really how the world is turning to?

I guess you really can't tell how a person will act in the face of "it" regardless how you know that person. Apparently, they do the worst possible and deviate from their usual selves. ARGH.

I know, I'm not making sense.

Doesn't matter! It's for me to know and for YOU to NEVER find out.

My secret to keep.

(Yeah, right...)
4th-Nov-2008 09:31 pm - Happy Birthday Papa!
November 4! Congrats Papa, you're now officially 56! XD

I paid for dinner which cost about 6k! @_@ But thank you for the beer! XD Zucchini was the best as usual. I love the tenderloin and the free tiramisu! XD

Papa, you're getting old but then again so am I. Next year I'll be turning 20. Gah already on the 2s.

A little over a year left! I'm still enjoying this semi-free life. XD

Happy Birthday! I love you, papa. I'm sorry to say you're really a failure in waiting for the song to finish before making a wish and blowing the candle. (Epic fail last Sunday during your early birthday celebration) XD

(P.S. I'm playing NewS Happy Birthday song in the background XDDD)
3rd-Nov-2008 01:23 pm - Second Semester Schedule
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 - 10:30   Cs 129.18 - A   Cs 129.18 - A  
10:30 - 11:30 Th 131 - I   Th 131 - I   Th 131 - I
11:30 - 12:00 Ph 102 - II   Ph 102 - II   Ph 102 - II
12:00 - 12:30 Mis 122 - D Mis 122 - D
12:30 - 01:30      
01:30 - 02:30          
02:30 - 03:30 Cs 161 - A   Cs 161 - A   Cs 161 - A
03:30 - 06:00          
06:00 - 09:00     Mis 181.1 - C    

Gah, 6-9pm class. T_T
7th-Oct-2008 01:19 am - boooooooooooored
Haven't blogged since like forever...I'm currently bored in school. My exam is two hours away and no I have not studied...AT ALL. And I don't plan to. Today is a boring day. I'm scared shitless with this other subject and it's stressing me out.

Any way, I still plan on doing that jdrama review thingie. Maybe I can do that over the semestral break while studying databases, websites and doing a program for my project and some personal stuff for my mother.

Ok that's all. :D
29th-Jun-2008 01:40 pm - New Layout
Yay new layout thanks to noichi_desu. :D I edited some of the settings to fit my screen. :D Hope it looks fine in yours.
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