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pillar of heaven
Happy Birthday Papa! 
4th-Nov-2008 09:31 pm
November 4! Congrats Papa, you're now officially 56! XD

I paid for dinner which cost about 6k! @_@ But thank you for the beer! XD Zucchini was the best as usual. I love the tenderloin and the free tiramisu! XD

Papa, you're getting old but then again so am I. Next year I'll be turning 20. Gah already on the 2s.

A little over a year left! I'm still enjoying this semi-free life. XD

Happy Birthday! I love you, papa. I'm sorry to say you're really a failure in waiting for the song to finish before making a wish and blowing the candle. (Epic fail last Sunday during your early birthday celebration) XD

(P.S. I'm playing NewS Happy Birthday song in the background XDDD)
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