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pillar of heaven
6th-Nov-2008 12:17 am
oguri shun
I cannot believe what I found out today while I was driving home.

Argh...I'm too shocked to even process how that can even happen. So much for my good perceptions towards that person which I shall not even name.

I'm too disappointed! The same way I'm disappointed with my past "acquaintance" actions.

Is this really how the world is turning to?

I guess you really can't tell how a person will act in the face of "it" regardless how you know that person. Apparently, they do the worst possible and deviate from their usual selves. ARGH.

I know, I'm not making sense.

Doesn't matter! It's for me to know and for YOU to NEVER find out.

My secret to keep.

(Yeah, right...)
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