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pillar of heaven
Xmas Wishlist 
16th-Dec-2008 08:57 pm
Got my Starbucks planner today! Just sharing LOL :D

Yay! aki7 and me were chatting in ym then we suddenly blurted out our wish list for the year, extravagant and simple ones...:D Maybe you'd make them come true LOL...

1. Lamborghini Murcielago

1. Lamborghini Murcielago

2. Laptop bag
3. Twilight (paperback, i have the rest of the books except the first one! LOL)
4. cd case/wallet (whatever you call that one that's supposedly worth 100php only)

5. 13th book of the Series of Unfortunate Events
6. 4th book onwards of Charlie Bone (because they're so damn expensive!)
7. car sunlight cover or shade or whatever (because my old one doesn't fit the crv any longer :c)
8. the next books of Artemis Fowl after the Arctic incident
9. DS (i'm still dreaming of it, but i'm not that desperate just wishing :D)
10. high hills..JOKE...a pair of boots, brown or black, doesn't matter :D
11. death note nendoroid! (because L and Light are so damn cute...and i want misa too :D)
12. KAT-TUN QoP concert dvd (ordered it already! just waiting for it...)
13. a wireless mouse (LOL)
14. a trip to japan and concert tickets to a KAT-TUN or NewS Concert (that would really ROCK!)
15. ROCKBAND (yes, aki7 thank you for reminding me)

My music SO does not match my happy mood. XD

edit: from 10 to 15! XD
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